NEW: Promoting a Spirit of Inquiry in School Mathematics

This course explores the reSolve approach to mathematics instruction and unpacks what it means to promote a spirit of inquiry in school mathematics. The course draws on research evidence and gives practical examples of how the research can be put into practice. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify tasks that lead to the greatest opportunities for student learning
  • Recognise important cultural features of mathematics classroom that promote inquiry
  • Understand how the actions of a teacher supports student inquiry in mathematics

This course is open for all teachers through the Openlearning platform and takes about two hours to work through. Click here and use the access code reSolvePSI to enrol.

Introduction to reSolve online learning

What is Openlearning, and how do I use it? reSolve is designing a suite of professional learning courses for self-directed online study, hosted on Openlearning. Openlearning is a platform for teaching and learning online. To join a course on Openlearning, click on the link above and use the provided access code. If you do not have an OpenLearning account, you will be guided through the process of creating one. You can then follow the directions in the course to work through the activities.
What does the course involve? The course involves examining reSolve resources, reflecting on mathematics education, watching videos and reading articles. You will be asked to participate in activities, post responses and reflections.
How long will the course take? The course will take around two hours to work through.
How should I study the course? Study is self-directed at your own pace.