Our pedagogical approach

‘Teaching with Intent’ is the education approach developed by the Australian Academy of Science.

Teaching with intent

Teachers shape the mathematical activity and learning of their students. We want all teachers to “Teach with Intent” so that all students can engage meaningfully in mathematics, through:

Deep connected learning

Ensure deep connected learning by:

  • Focusing learning on powerful mathematical ideas that grow in complexity and sophistication across the curriculum.
  • Building students’ mathematical proficiency.
  • Supporting students to make connections within mathematics, to other learning areas, and to real world applications.

Learning through inquiry

Engage students in mathematical inquiry as they:

  • Explore specialised examples of mathematical ideas through meaningful mathematical tasks.
  • Conjecture and ask questions about what is noticed.
  • Generalise based on mathematical patterns and relationships noticed.
  • Justify conjectures and generalisations.
  • Represent mathematical thinking and understanding using multiple forms.

Learning in community

Create a collaborative learning community to:

  • Develop classroom taken-as-shared understandings through meaningful mathematical activity.
  • Orchestrate purposeful mathematical discourse  in small groups and as a whole class.

Explore our pedagogical tools

Explore these pedagogical tools and learn how you can Teach with Intent in your own classroom.

Deep connected learning tools

Pedagogical tools to ensure all students develop deep connected learning in mathematics.

Learning through inquiry tools

Pedagogical tools to engage students in mathematical inquiry as they notice and make sense of mathematical patterns and relationships.

Learning in community tools

Pedagogical tools to create a collaborative learning community in your classroom.