The reSolve team

Meet the designers behind reSolve.

The reSolve team at the Academy includes expert educators with an array of professional experience, diverse knowledge and skillsets, and a passion for working alongside teachers. We have worked in a variety of education settings, nationally and internationally, in primary and secondary schools, cultural institutions, research organisations and tertiary settings including initial teacher education and research.

  • Dr Kristen Tripet, Learning Area Manager Mathematics, Australian Academy of Science
  • Naomi Fitzgerald, Senior Education Officer, Australian Academy of Science

reSolve is also supported by a diverse international group of academics and educators who provide feedback and guidance on the design and development of our resources. Our current advisors include:

  • Dr Ange Rogers, Numeracy Teachers Academy
  • Professor Olive Chapman, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
  • Professor Janette Bobis, Sydney School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney.


Thank you to the staff and students at Banksmeadow Public School for allowing us to visit and collect photos and video footage of teachers and students using our teaching sequences. If your school is interested in being part of future field tests, please sign up to be involved.

We would also like to thank the NSW Department of Education Mathematics Professional Learning Team, particularly Michelle Tregoning and Ayesha Ali Khan, as well as the teachers involved in the NSW Department of Education Primary Mathematics Specialist Teachers Initiative for their support in the design and testing of the new reSolve platform and sequences.

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reSolve is the Academy's mathematics education program, providing innovative curriculum-aligned teaching resources and professional learning for teachers.

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Our digital educative teaching resources draw on an extensive body of research.

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