Fraction Benchmarks

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA125)

This sequence emphasises that fractions are numbers and develops students’ understanding of the relative size of fractions. Students build their fractional sense through determining if fractions are closest to 0, ½ or 1.

This sequence is for students who:

  • are familiar with working with fractions with varied denominators
  • recognise that a fraction represents a ratoio

Lesson 1: Closest To...

Students are presented with a collection of fractions on cards. Students work with a partner to sort the fractions according to whether they are closer to 0, ½, or 1. They justify the reasons for their decisions.

Lesson 2: In Between...

Students use the fraction cards from the previous lesson to play a game in pairs. One student takes a random fraction card and then determines whether the fraction is closest to 0, ½, or 1. The second student then needs to name a fraction that is in between the fraction and the identified benchmark number.


Last updated April 23 2020.