Measurement: Jump!

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA057; ACMMG061; ACMSP069)

This sequence develops students’ skills in measuring metres and centimetres. It also develops students’ appreciation for distance as they make estimates and compile and compare data from experiments. Students explore and apply the concept of 'times as many'.

This sequence is for students who:

  • can use appropriate tools to measure metres and centimetres.
  • have knowledge of multiplication and can multiply numbers using doubling, 10x and 100x.


Lesson 1: How Far?

Students estimate the distance they can jump and then undertake an investigation by jumping, using a range of techniques. Class data are recorded and displayed. Students compare their jumping distance with each other.

Lesson 2: What If?

Students learn about the jumping distance of several animals and then estimate the lengths of jumps they would make if they were those animals.


Last updated June 14 2020.