MERGA Teachers' Day

Published 24 January 2019

reSolve is sponsoring Teachers’ Day (June 29) at the 2019 conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia at Curtin University, Perth WA. Teachers’ Day aims to provide high-quality professional learning in mathematics education, across all phases of schooling, drawing on the expertise of the MERGA research community.

The reSolve team will be presenting two workshops: reSolving the Teaching of Fractions in Primary Mathematics and reSolving the Teaching of Proportional Reasoning in Secondary Mathematics. Fractions and proportional reasoning are important parts of everyday life, particularly in STEM, yet they prove difficult for students to learn and teachers to teach. This workshop session will explore the key mathematical ideas around fractions and proportional reasoning and how these ideas develop over time in the form of a learning progression. Participants will experience multiple reSolve tasks that can be implemented in their classrooms.

The workshops fit perfectly into the MERGA Conference theme Mathematics Education Research: Impacting Practice. The reSolve team is busy developing learning progressions in fractions and proportional reasoning that draw on the latest educational research and the expertise of the wider mathematics education research community.

You can find out more about the MERGA Conference and register for the Teachers’ Day or the whole conference, at the conference website.

Here are short videos of Kristen and Steve talking about their workshops.