PL Modules spotlight: Consolidating Learning

Published 05 September 2018

Fit the pieces together! This professional learning module shows how variations in context or mathematical focus can be used to deepen and consolidate students’ learning of mathematical concepts.

Inquiry approaches activate the mathematical thinking of students. Once activated, the learning needs to be consolidated. Many reSolve resources make specific suggestions for consolidating tasks, but since the resources are limited in size for ease of communication, teachers may need to adapt the suggestions and create their own consolidation tasks. Module 7 shows two basic approaches: varying the examples to allow understanding to build; and varying the context to facilitate transfer.

The goals of module 7 are for participating teachers to:

  • see themselves as possible creators of ideas rather than merely users;
  • discuss some principles informing ways of consolidating learning activated by inquiries;
  • consider two strategies for varying tasks and inquiries: one that varies the concept and the other that varies the context; and
  • reflect on how they might use the strategies in their teaching.