Scrabble Stats

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA131; ACMSP146; ACMSP147)

In this sequence, students collect data about letter frequency in a variety of text sources. They use their findings to critically evaluate letter point values in Scrabble and to decipher an encoded excerpt of text.

This sequence is for students who:

  • are familiar with calculating relative frequency
  • have experience using data to make and justify conclusions


Lesson 1: Scrabble Values

Students collect data about letter frequency in newspapers and use this data to propose new letter point values for Scrabble.

Lesson 2: Scrabble Sources

Students design a themed variation on Scrabble by collecting data on letter frequency in a chosen text source and using their data to determine new letter point values.

Lesson 3: Scrabble Decoding

Students use their knowledge of letter frequencies in English to decode an excerpt of text.


Last updated April 23 2020.