Statistics: Licorice Lines

Australian curriculum number (ACMMG061; ACMSP069; ACMSP070)

Students perform experiments, draw graphs, compare results and analyse their findings. They develop their concept of statistical variation.

This sequence is for students with some experience in data collection, creating simple column graphs and conducting experiments.


Lesson 1: Making Licorice

Students observe variation in machine-made and handmade products, then make licorice sticks by hand and by using the Play-Doh Fun Factory®. They record and compare the attributes of both types of licorice sticks by plotting their findings and comparing the shapes of the two plots.

Lesson 2: Are Machines Better?

Students are challenged to use the Play-Doh Fun Factory® to produce identical licorice sticks. They experiment with strategies to restrict variation and consider the importance of maintaining consistency.


Last updated June 20 2020.