Statistics: Student Profiling

Australian curriculum number (ACMSP248; ACMSP249; ACMSP250; ACMSP251)

Students critically assess the Census@School 2014 Questionnaire and make decisions on how they would analyse the data given the type of question and response. They describe the life of a single participant using their survey data and use a range of statistical tools to compare their participant to a larger sample. They use technology such as Excel or TinkerPlots to analyse a large dataset.

This sequence is for students who:

  • are familiar with a range of statistical tools such as the mean, mode and average, and the interquartile range.
  • have some familiarity with technology such as Microsoft Excel or TinkerPlots.


Lesson 1: Assessing Data Collection

Students answer and then critically analyse the Census@School 2014 Questionnaire. They are given a single participant’s response sheet to the Questionnaire and use these responses to interpret and describe the participant’s day-to-day life.

Lesson 2: Being Typical

Students compare a single participant’s data to a sample of 550 answer sets and use a range of statistical tools to explore whether their student is “typical”.


Last updated May 21 2018.